Our purpose is to encourage self-expression, love of learning, and participation. Provide activities that challenge children to think and solve problems.

The goals of Chicago Preschool Academy are as follows:

  • Provide a nurturing, stable environment sensitive to each child's needs
  • Provide unconditional support regardless of physical characteristics, behavior, race, gender, or religious beliefs.
  • Foster curiosity, motivation, self-direction and persistence
  • Provide a safe and healthy early child care facility for the community

Entrance Requirement

Children are accepted between the ages of two and a half to six years of age. All children must be completely toilet-trained at the time of admission.

Your child must have a record of their complete updated immunizations and a physical examination upon enrollment. A complete annual physical and immunizations records must be maintained as long as your child is enrolled in Chicago Preschool Academy.

All children are required to have a TB shot and lead screening with the results recorded on the physical examination record.